• Delivering Cutting Edge Solutions.


Our professional services

Our world-class consultancy team has extensive MDM knowledge across multiple sectors including central and local government, health care and criminal justice.

Our consultants work in partnership with you to architect, design and deliver solutions that suit your needs. We stand out from the crowd with our ability to start delivering value in days, not weeks or months.

The combination of our consultants' expertise and our configurable, commercial enterprise solution leads to an unrivalled delivery of predictable, risk-free solutions.

We offer several services around the deployment of our product suite; all delivered using our proven methodology, including:

  • Overall solutions architecture
  • Proof of concepts
  • Pilot/trial systems
  • Full deployment
  • Healthcheck
  • Upgrades
  • System Integration
  • Full project management


The best decisions are underpinned by excellent knowledge. If your business decisions are based on poor quality data,  the effects of the wrong decisions  can be amplified many times.

We offer a range of services to quickly identify data quality issues, as well as implementing pragmatic steps to return you to making excellent, data driven decisions including:

  • Data quality strategy
  • Data healthcheck
  • Analysis and matching
  • Cleansing and correcting
  • De-duplication 
  • Automated cleansing
  • Data quality reporting and KPI’s

In order to ensure you obtain the greatest benefit from your investment in an MDM solution, we strive to transfer as much knowledge as possible during our engagements.  The purpose of this is to leave customers confident in both the manageability and future of their MDM strategy.  In addition to this knowledge transfer, we also offer structured training in the following areas: 

  • Data custodian
  • System administration
  • Integration Developers
  • Extending MDM value 
  • Partner implementation
  • Train-the-trainer