• Prism

    Exploring, analysing and visualising complex sets of data to gain valuable insights into relationships.

Prism for Data Visualisation

Prism is VisionWare's data exploration and visualisation technology that enables you to perform profiling, segmentation, targeting and personalisation on operational data to achieve a greater insight into the characteristics of individuals and the groups they belong to.  Using Prism's ability to explore, analyse and visualise complex sets of data, organisations can easily identify and differentiate between relationships within data sets. Prism allows you to achieve valuable insight into the specific needs, motivations and choices of a customer segment, allowing you to target the right customers at the right time.

  • Increased customer satisfaction as a result of having a better understanding of the customer base, therefore being able to ensure communications are highly relevant to the intended customer segment and are delivered in the most appropriate manner.
  • Better informed decision-making regarding an individual and their family or group, and how they are communicated with through the ability to identify non-obvious relationships and perform tasks such as 'Householding'.
  • Increased cost efficiencies as a result of reductions in 'avoidable' contact through the ability to restrict customer communications to only those which are relevant to that person.
  • Ability to measure gaps between customer need and provision and adjust services accordingly, as a result of a greater insight into customer engagement.
  • Provides a graphical representation of data, which may be held across disparate systems, in order to visually explore and manipulate this data, identifying relationships which may otherwise be unclear.
  • A feature-rich user interface provides functions such as zoom, drag and drop and re-sizing, enabling easy navigation through findings.
  • Actions can be performed to facilitate data investigation, including the ability to drill-down into a single record, focus on one area of interest or export a diagram to image file.
  • Prism is delivered as standard within MultiVue, and can also be embedded within operational applications such as CRM systems.