• Chroma

    Supporting a complete data quality lifecycle.

Chroma for Data Governance

Data governance initiatives provide a process for data management and maintenance throughout the enterprise. Chroma, VisionWare's Data Governance solution enables organizations to improve sharing and synchronization of data, supporting the decision making process to distribute the most consistent, accurate data possible.

Chroma empowers data administrators to be in control of the information provided to their systems, ensure that only trusted updates are accepted.

  • Chroma supports a complete data quality lifecycle by synchronizing data updates that have been generated due to a change within an operational system.
  • Chroma gives control for data administrators to accept or reject data updates for their systems, to ensure they agree with the change notification and become part of (buy into) the process.
  • Back-office systems are notified of any information changes or updates, continually improving the data quality and ensuring data consistency in all your systems.
  • As an integral component within the MultiVue product, Chroma provides a complete solution for the management and distribution of master data throughout an enterprise.
  • Better outcomes: Improves the quality, quantity and consistency of information throughout the enterprise leading to improved decision making
  • Enhanced service delivery: By distributing data updates to all systems the quality and consistency of data improves at an operational level, enhancing service delivery across the organization
  • Empowers end users: Ensures data administrators can control information updates into their systems