Auris for CRM integration

With the ever increasing amount of data generated by business systems, easily finding meaningful, timely information can become a real problem. Moreover, visualising that data is impossible. VisionWare's Auris helps to overcome these challenges. Auris integrates with Dynamics CRM to give you an enterprise wide real time single customer view and also enables you to graphically view and analyse the data for your business. Auris is the only combined MDM and Visualisation solution for Dynamics CRM.


The only enterprise wide single view for Dynamics CRM

  • Auris is not simply a dashboard solution or a cleansing solution. It is an MDM and visualisation solution that integrates with Dynamics CRM. The only way to get the trustworthy single view of data.

Intuitive, graphical visualisation of data for enhanced decision making

  • Auris graphically represents your CRM data. This allows you to drill down and analyse complex sets of relationships.

Helps you to derive quick insights to make important business decisions

  • Auris enhances decision making by aggregating the data from numerous systems not just the data contained in CRM.

Leverage operational data as an organisational asset

  • Access operational data from existing systems and leverage this within Dynamics CRM to provide real-time insight to the user.
  • Leverage data quality and quantity throughout the organisation to augment the data held within Dynamics CRM.


With sophisticated matching underpinning Auris, get the true, accurate single view of enterprise wide data

  • Enhance trust in operational data by implementing advanced matching techniques.
  • Minimise the effort required to create an accurate single view by configuring Auris to automate the process where appropriate.

Get the single view of data that is held in other data sources, not just in Dynamics CRM

  • Leverage organisational data to augment data in Dynamics CRM through setting data governance policies or allowing active registrations to greatly increase operational efficiency.

Enhance the de-duplication capabilities of Dynamics CRM

  • Leverage the advanced matching capabilities of Auris to greatly enhance the de-duplication capabilities of Dynamics CRM.

Quickly find the right record

  • Auris provides multi-entity search capabilities coupled with the rich matching technology; this allows the user to identify the correct record quickly and efficiently.
  • If the record does not exist in Dynamics CRM then leverage the information held within the organisation to perform an active registration.

Get a graphical representation of CRM data, which is held across disparate systems

  • Visualise and interact with complex data in an intuitive interface.

Analyse, explore and understand CRM data quickly and intuitively

  • Provide operational insight and discover non-obvious relationships and correlations between data.

Investigate CRM data and drill-down into a single record, focus on one area of interest or export a diagram to image file

  • Analyse and navigate data in real-time and discover more within your Dynamics CRM data.
  • Seamless experience allows the user to change the context of Dynamics CRM quickly to view the discovered records.