A Phased Approach to Collaborative Master Data Management

Vue360 is like no other Master Data Management (MDM) suite. The difference? It's completely focused on the data quality lifecycle. Our enterprise MDM solutions all complement each other meaning you can grow and evolve to a complete system of delivery based on trusted data.

At VisionWare our focus is on Master Data Management and we bring over 20 years' experience in data quality to support our customers in multiple sectors. This focus has allowed us to innovate and invest in creating value added Master Data Management solutions. We have thought of all things Master Data Management so we can offer you solutions to manage your data quality processes.

The Vue360 suite lets you Master your data to get the single view, Verify your data using reference data, Govern your data through synchronisation techniques and Explore your data using visual technology - All through CRM or other operational systems.

The Vue360 suite delivers the information insight that allows you to fully understand data relating to customers, organisations, staff, facilities and other critical entities enabling:

  • Customer centricity: become customer rather than policy centric. Personalise customer promotions and improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in churn rates and improvements in customer retention: understand historical patterns in the customers spending habits and their preferences for products or services
  • Cross and up selling: visibility into products and services consumed by the customer. Identify gaps where there are selling opportunities and improve marketing insight based upon fact
  • Digital services: underpin channel shifting programmes with customer insight. Know which customers have access to online facilities and those who can be moved from face to face interactions to less costly online services
  • Reduce costs of services and administration: having accurate information on the customer ensures you don't duplicate or waste marketing or administration efforts to the wrong customers. No more wasted lead generation efforts or administration costs
  • Data governance: the process of complying with regulations can be eased with access to accurate and trusted customer data. Make this part of your data governance strategy

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