MultiVue 3.1 Now Avaliable

23 April 2012

We are pleased to announce that MultiVue 3.1 is now available. This is an important software release for the MultiVue 3 solution stack.  This release addresses key customer requests and delivers enhancements that improve usability, interoperability and scalability of the product.

With this release Healthcare Customers gain extensions to the IHE adapter suite, further enabling standards based exchange of healthcare information amongst systems. The full IHE adapter suite now consists of:

  • PIX/PDQ v2.x & v3
  • XDS
  • HPD
  • ATNA

We have also enhanced reporting from Chroma, our Data Governance Solution, adding user audit reports, system updates and pending update reports. This further streamlines Chroma making management and administration far easier.

Please contact us to get the release. For more information on MultiVue 3.1 visit our website.


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