Newham & Havering Reduce Costs with MultiVue

27 April 2012

Improving service delivery to citizens and reducing the costs of doing so is a key goal for the London Boroughs of Newham and Havering and VisionWare's MultiVue is helping them to achieve this.

The ongoing financial cost restraints on local authorities and having to do 'more with less' is driving many to channel shifting strategies, and Newham and Havering are no exceptions. Joining up information on citizens to provide online self service is a key cost reducing strategy. One of the challenges Newham and Havering have faced is the diversity of their populations with 200 languages and dialects present and how best to join up the different names across multiple systems. The London Boroughs realised that CRM alone would not tackle this challenge as it lacked integration of systems at the base layer.  As a result they decided on Public Sector market leader MultiVue to provide the integration of identity information across 6 systems to provide the single view of the citizen through CRM. Some of the benefits Newham and Havering are experiencing include:

• Cost savings through 'Tell us Once'
• Cost savings through moving 80-90% of people to online self service
• Faster consistent access to accurate data - 100 times less duplicates in CRM
• Improvements in avoidable contact through access to the best information available first time

Geoff Connell, Head of IT at London Boroughs of Newham and Havering said 'We chose VisionWare's MultiVue over other CDI solutions due their low TCO, fast implementation times and their agility in the market place. We were surprised at the cost effectiveness of real-time integration over the more traditional batch processes and with the boroughs already experiencing 100 times less duplicates in CRM we are looking forward to adding more systems in the future to expand our channel shifting strategy and experience the reduced costs of service delivery that MultiVue is helping us to achieve'


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