Successful Testing of MultiVue at IHE European Connectathon 2012

11 June 2012

VisionWare's leading MultiVue solution successfully participated in the IHE European Connectathon May 21st-25th   in Bern, Switzerland, testing with 24 healthcare IT systems to demonstrate enterprise wide healthcare interoperability.

VisionWare has been part of this vital health information exchange process across North America and Europe for many years, proving interoperability with leading solutions in the healthcare market.

MultiVue, the company's leading healthcare indexing and registry solution, recognised by Gartner and Information Difference analysts as being in the top product capability category and the no. 1 for customer satisfaction, was tested in Switzerland with 24 Healthcare IT systems in the industry's most significant interoperability event.

MultiVue successfully passed 76 interoperability tests across multiple IHE profiles for:
1. PIX v2 - Patient Identifier Cross-reference for MPI (HL7 v2)
2. PIX v3 - Patient Identifier Cross-Reference  (HL7 v3)
3. PDQ v3 - Patient Demographic Query HL7 V3 - Patient Demographics Supplier, including Continuation Option
4. XDS.b - Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing - Document Registry
5. XDSi.b - Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing  for Imaging - Document Registry
6. PAM - Patient Administration Management - Patient Demographics Consumer, including Merge, Link & Unlink
7. ATNA - Audit Trail and Node Authentication - Secure Application
8. CT - Consistent Time

Successfully completing the healthcare interoperability tests means VisionWare can offer healthcare customers and partner's flexibility with multiple deployment options and a lower TCO.

Deployed in several HIEs and with 125 international deployments across 7 market segments VisionWare's MultiVue's Patient and Provider solutions use intelligent matching algorithms to locate, compare, and link patient and provider records from any source to provide a single "version of truth." This functionality is critical as it provides accurate patient identities which eliminates errors, improves healthcare outcomes and reduces costs. One of the key benefits of MultiVue is its flexible data model which is structured to accommodate a single license for multiple registries providing a lower overall TCO.

Scott Redford, VisionWare's Technical Director, comments "VisionWare actively supports development of open health standards and extensively incorporates use of these standards into our solutions such as MultiVue Patient, MultiVue Provider, MultiVue IHE and MultiVue XDS. Our IHE compliant solutions enable standards based exchange of healthcare information among healthcare organizations, from hospitals to physicians to clinics to health insurers, government agencies and research facilities. For over 18 years we have been creating a healthcare indexing and registry platform that conforms to industry standards for interoperability making it seamless to implement patient centric solutions."

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