• Our Mission


About VisionWare

At VisionWare, we enable our customers to unlock greater strategic and operational business value from their data assets. We draw upon our industry-focused approach to understand the business problem at hand and deliver a solution that drives not only a tangible return today, but also offers the flexibility to scale to the challenges of tomorrow. This allows organisations to drive towards enterprise-wide uptake overtime whilst building momentum along the way. We believe in offering unrivalled TCO to our customers through a unique combination of predictable implementation effort, transparent pricing, enterprise-class performance and our collaborative data model - allowing you to integrate new data sources at pace.

Our MultiVue MDM engine enables organisations to realise the benefits associated with a data-driven business by creating a single and complete view of the customer across previously siloed and disparate data sources.

Our goal is to ensure that end-users within an organisation are no longer held back by missing incomplete or inaccurate information at the point of customer contact. As a result we are commited to delivering seamless integration of our MDM technology into market leading CRM applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, whilst also providing data visualisation tools to help business-users explore the relationships that exist between people, properties and other entities.